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e.Mix SiscomexNet


  • Retrieve the extract from the Import Declaration (DI);
  • Queries to parameterization;
  • Retrieves the Import Voucher (CI);
  • Check the status and extract of the Import License (LI);
  • Status of the consenting bodies of LI;
  • Consultation Export Register (RE);
  • Indicate which Export Registers (REs) are linked to the Export Declarations (DEs);
  • Declaration of Exportation (DE) and issues the extracts).

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e.Mix SiscomexNet
The images of Import License (LI), Import Declaration (DI) and Import Proof (CI), can be sent by e-mail or direclty to Upload of FollowNet system.It is also possible to send through WebService or manual requets directly in SiscomexNet, where the information returned can be seen. This way all the process management is automatically updated, granting the accurateness and agility of the information.

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e.Mix SiscomexNet

SiscomexNet – Siscarga that can be linked to the FollowNet processes, the inquiry about shipment data is made automatically and it is possible to set up consultation rules. The information feedback details can be set when the inquiry is made as well as the way to send that information (e-mail or SMS). In this module you can still receive daily all the cargo that have not been desconsolidated, avoiding fines and delays in the process.

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e.Mix SiscomexNet

This module of the SiscomexNet service makes inquiries to follow the Export processes and get the export Registration Extract (RE) and Exportation Declaration (DE). It allows to set up the automatic e-mail alert service regarding the changes of status of RE and DE. The service can be integration to FollowNet, too. The inquiries made and the information are filled in automatically in the corresponding Export forms.

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e.Mix SiscomexNet

Veracity and agility of information

SiscomexNet e.Mix has been active for years.

With SiscomexNet Import, SiscomexNet Exportation and SiscomexNet Siscarga all queries to Siscomex from Revenue are performed automatically ensuring the accuracy and agility of the information.


SiscomexNet integrates with Siscomex, with your company's internal software and e.Mix FollowNet.

About e.Mix
e.Mix SiscomexNet

About e.Mix

e.Mix has been in the software development market for more than years. It is a company with innovative solutions in technology to broaden specific results in the short and medium term and to create differential for their customers. Annually our service manages millions of customer operations of the widest range and size. To know the e.Mix profile is of the utmost importance because the company is not about the walls but about the people who work for it. The behavior, posture and attitude of each professional are in truth what builds the e.Mix profile.

In line with our virtuous values, our team works focusing on the customer, its needs and the constant demands of the market. We conduct our projects with pleasure and joy, dedicating every effort to achieve the customer and partner loyalty. We are in this because above all we like, respect and valorize what we do.

“More than years ago we started a dream.
A dream born out of a commitment to our customers, our desire to innovate and to always offer the best solutions! We created our values as a team and they represent what we want to achieve to be not only the best company but a unique company that understands and serves the customer with the love and respect it deserves!”

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